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Let’s Clarify Your Purpose
Let’s Clarify Your Purpose
Let’s Ask the Right Questions!
Let’s Ask the Right Questions!
Let’s Create a Plan of Action
Let’s Create a Plan of Action
Let’s Work the Process
Let’s Work the Process
Let’s Celebrate Success!
Let’s Celebrate Success!

Transformation Begins Here!

I’m offering you the opportunity to discover your true purpose! Life coaching tools and techniques provide you the potential to reach your goals!

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One-on-One Life Coaching Sessions

Work specifically on you and you alone in your journey towards finding your path towards fulfilling your purpose.

Group Sessions

Work on specific group goals. Groups are great for exploring ideas, generating new points of view, and opening up to opportunities to learn and grow.


Providing specialized training and education using a variety of self-awareness techniques for individuals and groups via conference format or via webinar.

“My journey with Kendel is just beginning and I couldn’t be excited! The best part about our connection is the personal level of friendship we share. This level increases my trust in her.  Anyone who doesn’t know her would find it quite easy to make immediate connections because of her caring nature. Kendel is also very detailed oriented, which I am too. The way she helps build progress seems effortless as she keeps me focused by asking “ok, what’s next?” on my agenda to achieve my goals for a career change. I also appreciate her advice on decisions that I want to make. Her approach is more of reflection, she helps me see a perspective I can’t; and that tends to guide to better decisions. So “what’s next” on my agenda? Making sure I plan more appointments with Kendel!”

Kellie H.

Education, Falls Church, VA

“Kendel is an excellent listener and asks questions that really make me think. Sometimes I understand the challenges I'm facing and other times I don’t. In either case, Kendel is ready and willing to tackle the issues in front of me this week but also able to keep the big picture in mind as well. I find that when I’m talking to her, and responding to her questions, I often make connections and realizations that I haven’t before. Working with Kendel, who is listening, acknowledging, and responding to my goals, really helps me figure things out. I feel that Kendel, and the Life Coaching approach, would be beneficial to almost anyone. I’ve recommended her to several friends and work colleagues."

Sean M.

Technology, Burke, VA

“Working with Kendel gave me the pause and the push I needed during a challenging valley I found myself stuck in. I was in a professional and personal rut that I had never encountered before. It was confusing, frustrating and finding direction was hard. Kendel was the spark that helped me to better read life’s roadmap and move forward confidently and purposefully. Her energy, compassion and care were constant, and she helped me find that better path.”

Richard C.

Government Specialist, Alexandria, VA

Why Life Coaching?

The foundation of Life Coaching is the belief that each client is whole, competent, and capable. A 2014 Global Coaching Client Study conducted on behalf of the International Coaching Federation found that of those individuals who had received coaching:

Improved Confidence
Improved Relationships
Improved Communication
Improved Business

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